Steady demand coupled with smooth supply, favourable government policies, and strong profitability promise pro-growth business environment for chemical companies having a base in India.  However, value chain integration has been a challenge for this nearly US$214 billion industry as it involves an overly complex value chain, which has an unmistakable international character. Each comprises one or more sub-chains that again depend upon the end-user industry and its requirement. Several tiers exist between the highest and the lowest player on the value chain ladder and the supply process often transcend the geographical barrier. Closer economic ties between EU and Asia, coupled with a well-defined strategy can help overcome many of the value integration challenges. This whitepaper takes a look at how the Indian chemical industry is uniquely positioned to enjoy more integration into the global chemical sector value chain.

In this whitepaper, we take a look at:

  • An overview of the chemical industry value chain
  • Types of global chemical value chains 
  • Key Issues faced by the players in this Industry 
  • An Eastward shift in the global chemical trade 
  • Why this shift of the Chemical Industry to Asia 
  • What lies ahead: an assessment for long-term value creation

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