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Advisor to companies looking to mitigate their uncertainties and safeguard their business value ecosystem.


  • Any cross-country trade or a global value chain (GVC) is mired by macro-economic factors, monetary and fiscal policies, legal mandates, trade pacts and regulations, taxation and international relations of the constituent countries. Any one or combination of these factors often influences a business strategy. Today business leaders are apprehensive about the growing uncertainties of these macro-factors affecting global value chains. On this premise a large white goods manufacturer felt the need to assess the supply chain of the products, analyze the macro-factors of the constituent countries and trade routes, and comment on the supply chain’s strength and vulnerabilities from an economic, political, social, and legal point of view – both as of now and for the future. They want to explore the foreign markets to help value-add and distribute its products in the South East Asian countries. This involved an assessment of the macro-economic, legal, political, social and trade related indicators in those countries and recommend a comprehensive foreign expansion strategy for the company. Research alternate trade routes with minimal risk index, costs and aligned to global value networks so as to prioritize plausible scenarios. Finally assistance in creating an International Business Cell which will plan, manage and execute the vision of foreign expansion. Providing training to members of this division on the above framework.


    • Evaluate the market and trade policy for a pharmaceutical company and help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its business processes, people and system. The organizational performance is studied with reference to parameters like sales-production coordination, forecasting and optimized production planning, wastages and lesser inventory carrying costs and Inter departmental coordination by improving inter-personal skills. It starts with understanding of executive management’s perspective of the enterprise, business strategies, description of enterprise vision and positioning followed by identification of critical issues and limitations pertaining to sales and marketing in terms of people, technology or process and the overall organizations strengths and weaknesses. This follows defining strategies and tactics for existing business growth and new business acquisition. Finally based on the strategies, envision the plan, the targets and To-Be processes with a view to adopt the best possible usage of organization strengths.


  • Develop a strategic plan and an one year activity plan for a private university. Advise to achieve educational excellence, ensure employability, foster inclusiveness and openness, establish Centers of Excellence that engage every School, scholarships, and research works that meet the evolving national and global needs. Develop the University’s position as a global forum for intellectual pursuit, through the proactive exchange of ideas. This will help the university to :
    • Become a renowned seat of learning to cultivate global creative worker and sustain at a time of enormous uncertainty
    • Delve deep into specific teaching and learning solution that can accelerate education progress and change pedagogical methods to better cultivate the breadth of skills that young minds need
    • Establish a track record as a creator of new and innovative products for industrial and national needs
    • Be an institute that is sought for international collaborations leading to exchange of students and faculty and joint degree programs
    • Address the new digital and interactive tool that can be integrated into the learning experience

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