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Source : Financial chronicles print and e-version clippings on Intueri Consulting.

He worked with and spearheaded operations at two of the top ‘Big Four’ brands and now he is up to creating a ‘truly transnational consulting brand’ born out of Kolkata. Intueri Consulting LLP, the fledgling consulting firm floated by Ambarish Dasgupta, former India Head of management consultancy practices of PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG (in two different stints), promises to walk an extra mile with its clients and offer special attention on the basis of ‘deep research’. “That’s how we would like to position our brand- Intueri. A global consulting brand that stands for and also stands out on the basis of its deep research, very strong analytics, clear & unbiased point of view, strong articulation & representation.

The proposed brand positioning does not necessarily stem from an emotional stand point. There are other- more compelling economic reasons as well.

Dasgupta, who is also the Principal Advisor, IT minister, West Bengal government, said, “Given the global macro-economic situations, Kolkata or Bengal has its circumstantial attractiveness. There are geo-political and economic factors and advantages, which are drawing the investing community from outside the state and outside the country to this part of the world. After the withdrawal of TPP (trans-pacific partnership) by the US president Donald Trump, then the isolation views, the ASEAN countries needed to regroup and strengthen themselves. The China link road, RCP, OBOR- all became crucial. Given Bengal’s geographical location, strong socio-cultural proximity with many of the ASEAN countries and the fact that it has both road and sea routes, has become extremely important in the new scheme of things. One cannot ignore or overlook Kolkata or Bengal if one has to tap the ASEAN markets…the route would become roundabout otherwise.”

For the rest of the country also, Bengal has become extremely attractive because it is a GST-advantageous state with 95 million consumer base (it’s even higher if one considers the neighbouring north eastern states and at times even Bangladesh). Distribution is much easier and cheaper here, pointed out Dasgupta, adding, “Therefore we thought it to be the right time to create a global consulting brand out of Kolkata.”

The foundation of the brand-Intueri rests on the principles of PESTEL (political, economic, social, technological, environmental, legal analysis). Intueri would be offering both domestic and international companies country strategy based on PESTEL. With deep research and analysis being at its core, Intueri proposes to work closely with institutes and organizations like Harvard University, Brown University, Booth University, IIFT, Reuters, to name a few, said Dasgupta.

Its core areas would be offering broad based strategies on supply chain optimization, industry 4.0 (current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, which includes cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things (IoT), cloud computing and cognitive computing, bigger alliance, tackling board level issues, succession planning, he said.

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