# Wars between superpowers are not new.

Post two catastrophic world wars and one cold war, the world is now preparing for a fierce trade war between the two super countries—The USA and China.

Since years prior, extensive amendments of trade treaties and pacts, imposition and counter-enforcements of hefty tariffs on imports and exports between these two states and their allies have deepened the scar of the global commerce landscape. The recent political developments and their radical 'no-compromising' positions have further added to the case.

But, how does this hold up for India and the other emerging economies in general? Will this trade war have a long lasting impact on this part of the world? And, more importantly will this effect be positive or negative one? Lastly, how does it translate for the overall business sector in India?

In this whitepaper, we take a look at:

  • A brief summary of USA trade policies and an historical overview of the trade relations between the USA and its allies
  • The recent political developments that led to dramatic shifts in trade policies and relations
  • An extensive report on tariff impositions between the USA and China on various goods and raw material import-exports
  • A detailed analysis of the current global trade scenario and tariff impositions on the Indian Market
  • Visualize the future impact of trade war on Indian business landscape

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