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Networks and Alliances

In order to provide complete 360 degree solutions to clients, Intueri has entered into alliances with various organizations and institutions of repute. The network allows us to tap into the vast pool of expertise and provide our clients with customized solutions for their problems, along with expanding our array of offerings and reaching out to wider set of clients. Following are the organizations and institutes currently in alliance with Intueri:

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) – IIFT is an institute of national repute and established to professionalize the country’s foreign trade management and increase exports by developing the required skilled human resources and generating, analysing and disseminating data on trade. Intueri’s tie-up with IIFT enables it to tap into the expertise of the staff in conducting research on global trade policies andoffer advanced services to clients such as analysing trade agreements and modelling different scenarios to advise them on their strategies, especially international expansion strategies, to help them understand the implications on their business and enable them to make informed decisions.
Snapper – Snapper is an innovation company that provides block-chain enabled solutions to different industries. Intueri’s partnership with Snapper will help it leverage the technical expertise of Snapper in the field of blockchain and provide its clients with comprehensive block-chain enabled solutions package and diversify its offerings into areas such as advanced supply chain management, which are increasingly leveraging blockchain enabled solutions.
Aquilaw – Aquilaw is a legal firm and advises its clients on all sorts of legal matters. Intueri has partnered with Aquilaw to collaborate in areas of international law, trade policies, agreements and taxation. This alliance will help Intueri tap into the vast legal knowledge and experience of Aquilaw and advise its clients on legal issues related to their operations, expansion and M&A activities.
Thomson Reuters – Thomson Reuters is a platform that provides data and information on a variety of topics across the spectrum. Intueri has access to Eikon database, which provides it with accurate information on financials of different companies and helps conduct extensive financial modelling. It also provides information on trends in different segments across the world, enabling Intueri to conduct accurate market analysis and advise clients appropriately to realize maximum value from their strategies.
Amplo Global Inc – Amplo Global Inc. is an AI-driven strategy and operations benchmarking company that measures organizational performance and assesses readiness of Industry 4.0 capabilities through its cloud-based platform DIVA™ . Amplo Global’s vision is to help its customers minimize costs and shift funds to innovation, creating opportunities for its customer’s to invest in new business and revenue models. With digital re-invention at the heart of Amplo Global, the company’s is redefining the space of digital transformation by measuring organizational health and readiness for digitization, automation, and workforce re-skilling with product DIVA™ and the company’s Industry 4.0 focused service offerings.
Trinamix – Trinamix, is engaged in the business of providing services on implementing Oracle SaaS based ERP, SCM and Planning applications, Oracle IOT and Block Chain Solutions. Trinamix brings its own PaaS solutions that are listed on Oracle Cloud Marketplace to complement and meet industry specific gaps in Oracle SaaS applications.