The Global Enabling Trade Report highlights that countries and organizations increasingly find niches to specialize in tasks or individual steps of the value chain, rather than products, and value is added across many countries.

However a host of external and internal factors influence an organization’s business advantage. These factors are inter-connected, and can be divided broadly into operating factors, industry factors and sets of global factors like economic, social, political, technological and ecological. The global supply chain management has many advantages but it is also bedecked with myriads of risks contributed by the economic and political factors. So, institutional capabilities are put to the test.

Any business decision today is influenced by a myriad of uncertain, unknown external forces.

Business leaders and traders get nervous because of geopolitical and macro-economic shocks. This makes the market volatile and comes as major business risks which unless addressed at the right time can be a threat to any organization. An analysis showed that global markets got impacted around 10% when any such political or economical shakes happened be it oil shocks, flu epidemics or financial recessions. On the other hand, companies fail to leverage the benefits of trade policies or bilateral agreements and miss opportunities. Right interpretations of the policies and agreements come late.

Thus, business leaders should consider the interplay amongst these factors to identify opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses while formulating optimal supply chain strategies – and this involves planning, forecasting, monitoring, procuring, manufacturing, delivering, supplier and customer – the entire value chain.

we want to create a unique combination of practical business experiences and latest advancements in knowledge, intuition and intelligence, old passion and young dynamism.

Today we experience a world in which these risks are becoming more imminent and have wide-ranging impact. Whether it is tensions between countries, or monetary policy announcements, or decisions on bilateral or regional FTAs, all affect businesses and stifle economies.

Unfortunately there is a vacuum in innovative, comprehensive and research based advisory space, who can help business leaders deal with macroeconomic uncertainties.

Today a large segment of the emerging problems of the clients remain unaddressed.

The increasing turbulence in markets and industries around the world is making it necessary for every organization to collect and evaluate economic, social, political, technological and ecological information for any strategic decision. The problem will become acute with the emerging complexities in the macroeconomic factors.

On this backdrop, Intueri proposes to be a well-equipped economic research firm and an astute adviser to corporates, governments and family run enterprises. It provides INSIGHTS to business leaders based on deep research by experts on INTELLIGENT data and information collected through its global connects.