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The global macroeconomic scenario has been volatile over major political and trade & labour practice fluctuations in developed economies. This has been causing ripple effects in emerging economies impacting interest rates, currencies and export-import mechanism. With China’s emerging dominance in external sector and the US imposition of tariffs and trade barriers, a much warranted trade war like situation is formulating. Alongside, central bank’s policy actions, macro variables movements and government’s fiscal decisions are also creating disruptions in the markets both domestic and internationally.

As part of research consulting, we perform core economic research to understand the movements and developments of an economy. We primarily focus on Asia-pacific region emphasising on India and major developed economies like the US and Euro Area to see its impacts on developing markets. Based on our findings we track the performance of the economies. Our observations and analyses are further translated into strategies for firms and institutions as implications of foreign exchange, money markets and policy decisions impact functioning and operation of organization at large. We also use data mining tools like Thomson Reuters and alike with the help of which we create databases for analysis and projections. Our research enables us to provide forward-looking opportunities for clients with policy prescriptions and recommendations based on current market and economic situations.

Our research publications provide perspectives on various occurrences in the major economies, key events and market movements which apprise corporates, academicians, investors, industry players of the current situation of the markets and their implications on sectors and industry verticals with a short to medium term outlook that would help in strategizing business developments going forward.