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Intueri is a broad-spectrum strategy consulting firm

Intueri is a broad-spectrum strategy consulting firm, with in-depth research, and deep client-engagement based consulting catering both the private and the public sector. We contribute our insight to the current international economic, socio-political, and technological landscapes to find pragmatic solutions to issues that threaten to dismantle the normative functionalities of business.

In consonance with ‘Intueri’ which conceptually means ‘intuition to look inside’ our insights are supported by intelligent and deep data analysis and solution identificationprocesses, ensuring that our recommendations are pragmatic and personalized to the dynamic requirements of the clients’ businesses.


Years in Business

Founded in 2017, Intueri has been operating in Kolkata and Bangalore since. 

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Delivered Projects

Intueri has served major multilateral agencies and Fortune 500 companies

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Intelligence. Insight. Intuition.

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The principles and
beliefs at Intueri

Our diverse team brings unique perspectives and experiences to every project, enabling us to deliver innovative solutions that drive lasting change. We believe in:

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide clients with high-grade insights into their business values in the ever-changing economic, socio-political, legal and technological landscape within which they operate. We are here to analyse and configure probable recommendations for their business. We mine data on macroeconomic and socio-political changes. We also provide information to the promoters or the management of the businesses to create awareness regarding any kind of opportunities or risks.

We strive to create an enabling system by bringing talented professionals and specialists together, a diverse and pertinent information database, a pragmatic and strategic research framework, and discerning analytics.

Our mission is to create a structured synthesis of talents, best practices, and thoughts among clients and our people to achieve the advancement of our clients, our people, and the world in effect.

Our Vision

To become a company of global value that provides one-of-a-kind business solutions to clients by leveraging technology and talent to produce and implement insightful, intelligent, and intuitive knowledge structures.

Our Core Values

We are a firm made up of people with high ethical standards. Our work revolves around the interests of our customers. Our employees are dedicated to providing our clients with deserving and honest solutions at all times. Our clients’ interests always coincide with ours- we do not compromise the integrity of this mission in the pursuit of other goals.