Sustainability Shaping Today, Tomorrow

The first episode of Intueri Talk, where we discuss the world of sustainability and its multifaceted impact on our world. Join us as we engage in a thought-provoking conversation with Mr. Subir Chakraborty, MD and CEO of Exide Industries, a renowned figure in the realm of sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.

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Connecting rural dots, touching lives - A thorough glance at Indian agriculture

Includes: Achieving the goal of doubling farmers’ income in India.

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Recycling Strategy

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Conducted Country Assessment for an Indian tea company

Approached Intueri to provide counsel regarding the choice of country for the holding company. The client had chosen 5 countries – Singapore, Belgium, Mauritius, Rwanda, and the United Kingdom for domiciling…

Strategy Creation for Built Heritage Conservation by Private Sector Engagement for an Indian State

Required Intueri’s assistance to develop and analyze the best model to work on providing preservation, management and conservation strategies and techniques for built heritage…

Project with A Large Multilateral Agency on Private Sector Engagement in Inland Waterway

Intueri was engaged in the project by the multilateral agency as a consulting partner to provide a complete assessment for the fructification of the project…

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