Developing an effective workforce restructuring strategy amidst a global crisis

Way forward when layoffs are inevitable; strategies devised at a centralized level.

We offer unique solutions for unique problems

International and Trade Strategy

Growth Strategy

Corporate Planning and Performance Management

Differential Supply Chain Planning Strategy

Turnaround Strategy

Digital and Emerging Technology Strategy

Corporate and Capital Markets Strategy

Merger, Acquisition and Divestiture Strategy

Intueri executes with a holistic approach

How we have helped our clients.

A project that included a three-phase IT transformation and working as the PMO for an Indian Bank and Financial Services Company with roots in Micro Finance

Intueri works as their Central Project Management office rendering…

Designed a Procurement Strategy – including diligence of a manufacturing unit for a large EPC company

Intueri was approached to help acquire a leading LED-Bulb Supplier by way of purchase of 100% or less paid-up share capital of the organisation from its existing shareholder, conduct due…

Project Management Office of Procurement Cell Services for a Government Medical Services Corporation​

Intueri’s assistance in running the Project Management Office for the project. The client, a procurement cell services for a government medical corporation, was mandated to…

Working on an expansion strategy in Vietnam for a reputed firm in marine products

Implementation of best practices for procurement function operationalization, standardization & performance improvement. The client, a leading processor/exporter of…

Developed an Expansion Strategy and diversification to chemicals in collaboration with another major petrochemical sector player for a Leading adhesive manufacturer​

Intueri’s assistance in developing the growth strategy through the… 

Conducted a Market assessment study and formulation of a Go-to-Market strategy for expansion into other cities in India for a tech education and training company​

Intueri assisted them by conducting a market assessment to identify…