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Intueri is a multi-disciplinary strategy consulting firm looking to hire individuals from diverse academic backgrounds with varying levels of work experience. We are looking for talented and driven people with an understanding of contemporary market conditions, a knack for producing pioneering research, and a passion for developing unique solutions to pressing problems.

We believe quality talents can deliver quality solutions to delight customers only when we ensure an empowered environment with an appropriate balance of the team through:

Diverse, Inclusive, and Brilliant peers

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion without any biases. And we make sure our teams encourage you to bring out your best.  To this, there is no otherwise.

Accelerated Deep Learning

Embracing advanced learning because we believe it sharpens minds, hones skills, and equips one with the formidable edge needed to conquer challenges, seize opportunities, and rise above the competition with determination and excellence.

Balanced quality of life

Nurturing a healthy life-style, our tea breaks and on-time luncheons aren’t negotiable. Embracing a superior quality of life. Encouraging you to find a balance between your work and, your talents and interest

Beyond work

At Intueri, we believe that no form of work can exist without fun and frolic. Though each day our teams give in all that they can offer to meet our clients’ needs, we make sure we offer ourselves to laughter as well!

Hear from the Intuerians

Milind Swaroop

Intueri has opened up a transformative chapter in my career as a consultant, allowing me to explore new areas, provide strategic insights to businesses and build enduring client relationships.

Milind Swaroop

Dattatreya Datta

Joining Intueri has been a wonderful post-MBA decision for me. It has brilliantly checked boxes of exposure, learning and ownership.

Dattatreya Datta


The artistic side of Intueri​

At Intueri, we believe that creativity isn’t just about what we do during work hours; it’s an integral part of who we are.

This gallery is a testament to the hidden talents and artistic passions that thrive within our team. Each piece showcased here is a window into the extraordinary diversity of interests and skills that our employees bring to our community. It’s a celebration of the individuality and innovation that fuel not just our personal lives, but also our collective success and inspiration at Intueri.

Join the team

Intueri is looking for Strategy, and Research professionals, Interns and people to strengthen our media team. If you are interested in working with us, email us at with your résumé, a cover letter, and your portfolio.


We are looking for people who, besides the criteria listed below, also possess a Master’s degree in areas including but not limited to: finance, business, economics, international relations, law or public policy.

We prefer candidates who meet some of the following requirements:
  • Have a post-qualification work experience of more than a year
  • Can demonstrate expertise in any or all of the fields of management, consulting, international trade and business, econometric modelling, and applied economics.
  • Have worked with a global consulting firm in the past, or with international organizations and multinational conglomerates.
  • Have more than 90% marks or equivalent in both the board examinations
  • Are from the top 10 Indian colleges/universities in the relevant field or from the top 20 international Institutes in the relevant stream



We have multiple offerings for students looking for internship opportunities throughout the year. Our internships are flexible in terms of stationing, work hours and length of engagement.

We hire postgraduate interns from various disciplines who have completed their master’s degree, or are currently pursuing it. We are looking for people who have:

  • Working knowledge of market conditions.
  • Interest in current political and economic affairs of the world.
  • A flair for writing and research.

We are looking for creative minds that will enhance our media presence. Our media teams are tasked with managing and developing a digital media plan, creating content for our website and social media outlets, as well as increasing our brand value.Your responsibilities will include:

  • Curating content for our social media handles, creating video and image supplements to blog posts and thought papers, and updating our website
  • Developing an editorial calendar to schedule, launch and manage social media posts
  • Utilizing analysis of data on industry trends, demographics of digital footprints and social media influencers, and media costs to tailor Intueri’s media strategy.

We recommend you have the following skills:

  • Knowledge of search engine optimisation (SEO) programmes, and the ability to edit content to make it SEO and target audience friendly
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office, Google Suite, Photoshop, Google Analytics and Google Insights. Knowledge of software like DFA Nielsen, @Plan and Ad Relevance are recommended
  • Accomplished writing abilities with an eye for detail.

In addition to hiring from best-in-class Indian business schools, we have partnered with other premier Indian and International Universities for research programs, case studies, live projects, and internships.


Updates Jadavpur University

Jadavpur University congratulates Anamika Dhar for getting placed at Intueri Consulting LLP

ISB Hiring 1

Intueri among the top consulting firms at the placement drive at the Indian School of Business

Where intellectual prowess meets practical consulting, we create an environment that cultivates a harmonious work-life blend. Download our placement document to learn more about us and find your fit!

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