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Corporate Planning and Performance Management

Corporate Planning and Performance Management

We work closely with clients to help them obtain clarity on their strategic vision and attain improved performance by identifying tangible action points linked to their growth appetite. The processes undertaken by our consultants touch all levels and divisions within the organization, with a special emphasis on deriving short-term and long-term value for shareholders. We offer customized solutions which are based on deep industry insight and sound primary and secondary research, which helps our clients navigate the complex business environment.

 In today’s environment of uncertainty, corporates are trying to adopt strategies aimed at enhancing their resilience and improving their performance. However, in this age of disruption, only those companies survive that have a clear leadership vision and can transform that vision into tangible action. The current standard practices of developing a budget and defining SOPs are no longer effective in guiding an organization’s growth path, which needs to be dynamically designed as per the changing requirements of the organization and the industry.

We recognize the fact that all organizations are inherently different, and as a result strategies need to be firm-specific rather than industry-specific. Therefore, each of our strategy is developed based on its alignment with the needs of the client, which are dependent on different factors such as industry performance, organization culture, growth appetite and the degree of maturity of the organization in relation to innovative practices.

Organizations setting out on the process of identifying and implementing planning and performance improvement initiatives typically look for identifying value-creation initiatives, mainly by having a comprehensive look at the performance of its different businesses. However, in dealing with the day-to-day operational challenges, they tend to miss out on identifying and prioritizing key value-creation initiatives, which usually differentiates industry leaders from industry followers. It is here that Intueri brings to its clients deep insights, coupled with a pragmatic approach linking their corporate and performance improvement strategy with their competitiveness and market conditions, resulting in an effective integration of management vision and clarity across divisions and levels within the organization.

Our Services

  • Corporate Vision and Strategy: We help clients develop a coherent vision regarding their future growth plans and help them align their short-term and long-term actions with their vision.
  • Business Unit Strategy: We help clients objectively assess the performance of different Business Units and help them identify and prioritize measures to have an overall positive effect on the organization’s performance
  • Performance Enhancement: We help clients take a deep dive into their performance at an organization, department and individual level. We help them identify target KPIs that can have maximum impact on performance and help them track their performance and achievement through the development of a Balanced Scorecard framework.
  • Cost Optimization: We enable clients to manage their costs and enhance performance through a rigorous analysis of the input cost parameters. We also help them align their processes to embark upon the path of adopting zero-based budgeting to better understand and manage their cost structure.


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