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Growth strategy

Enhance performance and stay ahead of market forces by creating a differentiated, meaningful and sustainable growth proposition that adds true value

We work on three to five years growth strategy that focus on both domestic and international markets. In addition to our international expansion strategy framework, our growth study also aims to research and develop insights on our clients’ product pricing, consumer patterns and behaviour, customer segmentation, competitor performance, sales force structure and incentives, and an analysis of their demand and supply planning cycle – to help identify bottlenecks. Growth Strategy has to balance between existing portfolios and targeted newer areas where the company needs to get into maintaining synergy with the brand , culture , skills and economic goals and performance. Therefore, one needs to undertake deep study on the present market forces to understand how the present portfolios of the company can reach a bigger market at a lesser cost and lesser turnaround time thru alternate channel strategy, alternate business model or organisation structure and take faster corrective actions on feedback from market and customers, work on innovative methods of retaining clients and securing newer ones but that will not be all. We need to continuously focus on the divestment strategy, retiring strategy of a product or a group of products, and work on midterm to long term goals of moving into completely new or adjacent products, into newer geographies or newer unaddressed market spaces.

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Attaining long-term business growth is one of the top goals of senior management because growth results in many benefits – cost reduction due to economies of scale, higher shareholder return, competitive advantage, and attracting best talent. Yet, only few companies can achieve sustained profitable growth. This can be attributed to several reasons such as lack of buy-in from key stakeholders, failure to innovate in evolving business environment, impractical growth objectives, changing regulations, disruption caused by emerging technologies, and failure to consider organizational capabilities before developing the growth strategy.
Intueri helps clients via sustainable growth proposition created through deep client engagement, research on market, consumer behaviour and segments, and competition.

Our Approach

Approach to the strategy of a growth is anchored around following:-Short to mid term growth of the existing portfolio based on the following:

  • How to increase the market penetration of existing products :

better product pricing , alternate channels, enhance existing channel efficiency , customer segmentation and enhanced experience management , alternate business model, alternate sales organisation structure , insightful predictive and deterministic analytics on external and internal data, enhanced branding strategy

  • How to expand existing products to new markets :

International market study by PESTEL framework (refer to International Strategy study section) , interrelated Merger and Acquisition Strategy , Alliance/JV strategy , Greenfield/Brownfield expansion , identification of Partners , economic model and benefits study , market research , entry strategy and life cycle study

  • Long Term Growth Strategy including Diversification based on following
  • How to go about developing new and innovative products, taking into account changing market dynamics ,evolving customer requirements , technological innovations and market trends ? How to decide on exiting and retiring products or cluster of products along with balancing of portfolios
  • How to leverage the organizational strengths for a gradual movement to newer products and also to how to start reskilling , reconfiguring the organisation structure, processes, governance functions keeping in line with plans for the future portfolios.
  • Should the organization go for organic growth (through expansion, diversification, and modernization) or should it consider inorganic growth opportunities (Mergers & acquisitions, alliances and joint ventures)?
  • How to measure success and what should be the contingency plan
  • Balancing the conflict of the short term needs and long terms plans in terms of focus , resources , board preparation , target organisation structure , funding strategy , gradual change management and management transitioning.


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