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Partners and Advisors

Ambarish Dasgupta

Ambarish Dasgupta is a management consultant with more than 35 years of experience. He was a Consulting Leader at PwC India and a …

  • Kolkata
Edgardo Pappacena

Edgardo Pappacena has 35+ years of global experience in the professional services industry, during which he worked in over 50 …

  • Florida
Anindita Dasgupta

Anindita Dasgupta is primarily a Quality, Information Security, and Internal Process consultant with an experience of more than 25 …

  • Kolkata
Sanjay Kr. Mandal

Sanjay Kr. Mandal has more than 30 years of experience in Enterprise Risk Management, IT Delivery Risk Management, IT project and …

  • Kolkata
Anirban Chatterjee

Anirban Chatterjee has more than 3 decades of consulting and project management experience. In his 35+ years of experience, he has …

  • Kolkata
ashok barat

Ashok Barat has 40+ years of experience as a business strategist and transformation expert. He has worked in the position of Chief …

  • Kolkata

Our People

Milind Swaroop

Milind is a High-end operation, Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing Specialist with in-depth industry knowledge in Metals, …

  • Kolkata
Shweta Ranshore

Shweta is a Market Entry and Resilience Specialist with a dual MBA Degree in Strategy and Leadership and Operations with industry …

  • Bengaluru
Dattatreya Datta

Dattatreya is an Environmental Conservation and Program Management Office (PMO ) Specialist with a dual MBA degree In Finance and …

  • Kolkata
Susmitha R. Vayyala

Susmitha is a Program Management Office (PMO), Transformation and Cloud Strategy Specialist with an MBA degree in Finance, …

  • Bengaluru
Yashika Agarwal 1

Yashika is Program Management Office and Transformation Specialist with an MBA in Strategy and Leadership. She has a graduate …

  • Kolkata

Mudit is an Operations and Supply Chain Management Specialist with an MBA degree and a graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. …

  • Kolkata

Aditya is a Technology Specialist with a dual MBA degree in Strategy and Leadership and Marketing. He has a graduate degree in …

  • Kolkata
Surbhi Sharma 1

Surbhi is a Trade Economics and an International Relations and Policy Specialist. She has a postgraduate and graduate degree in …

  • Kolkata
Sreejata Majumdar

Sreejata is an Office Administration and Human Resource Specialist. She has a postgraduate and graduate degree in English …

  • Kolkata
Kannita Biswas

Kannita is a Research, Communications and Change Management Specialist with a graduate degree in English Literature….

  • Kolkata
Subhodeep Sadhukhan

Subhodeep is a Graphic Designer with 4.5 years of experience, with a postgraduate degree in English Literature. …

  • Kolkata

Ishasree graduated with an Honours and master’s degree in economics from Jadavpur University. Throughout her academic life, she …

  • Kolkata

Anamika holds an honours degree in Economics and a master’s degree in economics with a specialization in Finance and Econometrics …

  • Kolkata
Siddhima Sirohi

Siddhima is a policy enthusiast who pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, …

  • Kolkata