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International Expansion and Trade Strategy

Use our expansive database and information network to leverage information crucial to corporate international business expansion needs

We research and analyse factors of geo-political and economic significance to businesses looking to expand internationally. Our research provides clients with crucial information on a country’s political developments, fiscal policies, and laws regulating trade and labour practices.

In partnership with Thomson Reuters, we specialise in partner/alliance buy and sell side diagnostics, market opportunity identification, and business blueprinting that aims at evaluating financial statements to finally establish a new business in a new market.

As a result of our previous assignments on several ASEAN countries and connections established to the Far East via Bangladesh, we now have access to expansive information, sectoral databases, and local contacts. These resources and networks, along with our globally accepted PESTEL Framework for analysis and recommendations, promise to grant clients crucial and relevant information.

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In the era of rapid globalization, companies target expansion into new markets, not only domestic, but also international, to increase their customer reach, and enhance their product or service portfolio in order to get new sustainable growth in their bottom-line. Successful international expansion, however, is not easy due to differences in culture, consumer behaviours, competition among incumbent, together with additional operational and management issues. These challenges require companies to take tough decisions while formulating their international expansion strategy.  This includes extensive prudent collation and deep analysis of macroeconomic and microeconomics factors, international political factors influencing trade in and out of that country, monetary / fiscal policy, laws, regulatory policies, labour policies, logistical situation, inter alia, which a corporate will like to understand while expanding to or procuring from other country.Intueri specializes on partner/alliance/buy side/sell side diagnostics, identification of opportunities in that market, business blueprinting of the new opportunities, valuation and projected financial statements, and finally hand holding to establish the new business in a new market. With experience of previous international expansion projects in ASEAN countries under our belt, we now have relevant databases and information, connects with local people and access to sectoral databases and related stakeholders in the region and constituent countries.

Our Approach

For formulating a winning international strategy, Intueri helps its clients take informed decisions with respect to the choice of target market(s), and market entry strategy for the target market.

1. Target Market Selection 

We shortlist the target markets, considering organization’s strategic objectives and other factors, inter alia, such as short-term and long-term financial contribution, the country risk analysis (as determined by the PESTLE framework, market size and growth potential, relevance of client’s product or services to that market.

2. Market Entry Strategy for the target market

Post selection of target market, a market penetration strategy requires a comprehensive study of numerous elements that can affect the perception and traction of customers towards a new product or service. Intueri helps clients conduct deep research to facilitate a successful market penetration strategy considering the following aspects:

a) Detailed Market Analysis: Customer segments, competition, sources of capital, channel analysis

b) Customer Value Proposition: Determination of ideal product range, brand positioning for target customer, product pricing, channel strategy and marketing& promotion plan

c) Business Model: Revenue model, operating model, organizational model, business partner(s)

d) Legal and regulatory compliance: Labour laws, product regulations, HSE requirements


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