The PESTEL Effects of AI: Adverse or Propitious 

In this episode of Intueri Talk, we discuss AI’s corporate impact, covering ethical considerations, risks, market concentration, AI ecosystem creation, organisational changes, and advancements needed for AI’s future in industry with Rajesh Uppal, Member Executive Committee, Maruti Suzuki India Limited.

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A comparative study of China and India’s AI policy

India’s next steps as China gears up to develop its AI infrastructure.

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Designed and Project Managed the development of a dashboard for a large Indian Cement Conglomerate

Intueri to implement a unified dashboard to monitor 8 KPIs from all its plants across the country. The client, a key player in the cement industry…

A project that included a three-phase IT transformation and working as the PMO for an Indian Bank and Financial Services Company with roots in Micro Finance

Intueri works as their Central Project Management office rendering…

Conducted Industry 4.0 feasibility assessment for a leading Manufacturing Organisation

Intueri was engaged to work out their Industry 4.0 strategy and develop a comprehensive assessment of the benefits of reporting to KPMs and the Board. The client, a leading…

Developed an Acquisition Strategy for an Asset and Technology Collaboration for an investment firm

Intueri to help the client with collaboration opportunities with a Switzerland based firm…

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