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Our Works
May 10, 2024

Hooghly Riverfront and Local economic development in the Kolkata Metropolitan Area (KMA)

The project dealt with establishing resilient economic and sustainable development of the Hooghly Riverfront in KMA and developing recommendations on how it can be planned and developed more sustainably. Integrating resilience to promote inland waterways transport (IWT) usage by assessing disaster preparedness and EWSs for IWT services...
May 10, 2024

Leveraging Dashboards and Market Research for Business Development of an Identity Management Firm

Intueri designed interactive dashboards for key business processes aligned with identified customer needs. Real-time data visualization tools were integrated to facilitate data exploration and decision-making with a focus on user-friendliness and accessibility for the diverse user groups within the organization.
May 10, 2024

Prepared a Report for a Sectoral Workshop on Logistics and Supply Chain by one of the Oldest Trade Associations in India

Intueri documented a workshop, capturing vital discussions and sessions focused on addressing skill gaps and technological advancements within the logistics sector. Acting as a strategic ally, Intueri provided intellectual resources, facilitated expert discussions, shaping the agenda and outcomes. Insights and recommendations from over 88 industry leaders were collected, fostering a forward-looking perspective on logistics and supply chain management...
April 26, 2024

Strategy, Growth, and Project Management for an Identity Management Firm

Intueri was engaged in the project by the client as a Technology Consultant partner to assist in managing their current projects as well as the new initiatives or requirements. We managed the Business-as-usual projects where the client provided Identity Management solutions to onboard the customers or merchants while also managing the identity management services for the new business initiatives...
April 26, 2024

Enterprise Risk Management Strategy for an Indian Engineering and Infrastructure Company in the Railway Sector

Intueri defined and established a basic Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework for the client, starting with a comprehensive study of their current risk management processes, formal and informal risks, and existing structures and practices. We developed strategies for risk mitigation, avoidance, or transfer, taking into consideration opportunity identification and cost-benefit analysis. Risk reporting templates and a mechanism for ongoing risk review were created to ensure consistent risk management...
April 26, 2024

Growth Strategy and Market Size Assessment for a Leading Gear Manufacturer​

The mandate of the project was to formulate a growth strategy based on opportunities in the adjacent market in India & ASEAN region. A detailed assessment of demand industry processes and customer needs were carried out to identify the requirement of new products. Based on the the identified requirements, the market size was assessed along with competitive analysis...