Strategy and Transformation

May 10, 2024

Leveraging Dashboards and Market Research for Business Development of an Identity Management Firm

Intueri designed interactive dashboards for key business processes aligned with identified customer needs. Real-time data visualization tools were integrated to facilitate data exploration and decision-making with a focus on user-friendliness and accessibility for the diverse user groups within the organization.
April 26, 2024

Strategy, Growth, and Project Management for an Identity Management Firm

Intueri was engaged in the project by the client as a Technology Consultant partner to assist in managing their current projects as well as the new initiatives or requirements. We managed the Business-as-usual projects where the client provided Identity Management solutions to onboard the customers or merchants while also managing the identity management services for the new business initiatives...
April 26, 2024

Enterprise Risk Management Strategy for an Indian Engineering and Infrastructure Company in the Railway Sector

Intueri defined and established a basic Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework for the client, starting with a comprehensive study of their current risk management processes, formal and informal risks, and existing structures and practices. We developed strategies for risk mitigation, avoidance, or transfer, taking into consideration opportunity identification and cost-benefit analysis. Risk reporting templates and a mechanism for ongoing risk review were created to ensure consistent risk management...
April 26, 2024

Growth Strategy and Market Size Assessment for a Leading Gear Manufacturer​

The mandate of the project was to formulate a growth strategy based on opportunities in the adjacent market in India & ASEAN region. A detailed assessment of demand industry processes and customer needs were carried out to identify the requirement of new products. Based on the the identified requirements, the market size was assessed along with competitive analysis...
April 25, 2024

Manpower Rationalization & Reskilling of one of India’s oldest and least NBFCs​

A comprehensive diagnostic approach was undertaken to identify operational bottlenecks and prioritize key touchpoints for day-to-day operations. The root cause analysis revealed underlying issues that guided targeted solutions. During the design phase, best practices were integrated into existing processes, streamlining workflows and addressing redundancies...
April 23, 2024

Devising a Growth strategy for 2x Revenue Growth and 3x Profitability in 5 years for an Automotive Lubricants and Oils Manufacturer

The assignment was aimed to help the client embark on an aggressive growth trajectory. By embracing strategic initiatives, the company can enhance profitability, fortify market position, and realize substantial market share gains. The absence of a data-driven approach within the company has resulted in a heavy reliance on past industry experience and individual expertise to drive operations...
April 23, 2024

Business Analysis for a Complete Payments Super App to be Launched in Iraq

The card issuing company in Iraq, is introducing a payments superapp which shall be serving their people to perform their financial transactions digitally as well as manage all their financial assets at one place. The super app shall also have constituent mini-apps, which shall allow the users to avail of several services such as e-commerce facilities, bill payments, etc...
May 9, 2023

Formulating a Strategy for the largest Indian business conglomerate for an upcoming AI Lab

The client, an Indian multinational conglomerate, desired to enter the AI space, to solve all business verticals problems using AI. They wanted to provide AI services […]
May 9, 2023

Project with a global agriculture and chemical manufacturing company to develop a Detailed Project Report with the objective of creating an Investment Memorandum (IM)

The client, a reputable firm in the agricultural products industry with clientage spread across the globe, aimed to analyze the technical and economic feasibility of setting […]